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I am NorDahl, ex-Computer Programmer/System Analyst with more than 15 years of computer experience, gathered from working with top computer services consultancy, Asian Computer Services Pte Ltd., Singapore.

Looking back into my past, I’ve started as a Data Controller and worked my way up in ranks through Computer Operator, Computer Programmer and System Analyst/Programmer. While my main job was focused on writing computer programs and system analyzing, I could not stay away from developing website for online business.

When recession hits and affect the workforce of my company, I was laid off. Then on I started developing websites for some of my clients, before diving into the world of online business and marketing.

I am now an online affiliate marketer, promoting products from Clickbank and other online marketplaces.

In this blog, I am promoting, as an affiliate, an online dog training program, with Doggy Dan as The Online Dog Trainer

Feel free to contact me whenever you have a question, suggestion, announcement or just want to say “Hi!”.



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